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LP - Fela and Afrika 70 'Sorrow, Tears & Blood'


Sold Out

We are very proud and delighted to launch ‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’ in its original complete running time, which includes the recent rediscovery of a six-minute instrumental section preceding the entrance of Fela’s vocals.

B-side is faithful to the original release and features the equally excellent ‘Colonial Mentality’.

Besides the historic fact of being the first Fela record to be released in Brazil, this classic is now available in his extended original form for the very first time! Unmissable!

Side A | Sorrow, Tears & Blood | 16'41''

Side B | Colonial Mentality | 14'36''

Strictly limited to 500 copies with beautiful silkscreened cover!

1977, on the 18th of February at dawn, a thousand armed Nigerian army men started tackling Fela and his Kalakuta republic, which were both seen as a symbol of defiance against the oppressive state.

‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’ was among the first albums Fela released following the destruction of Kalakuta.

The title track is one of the most powerful protest songs ever recorded. In an impassioned attack on police and army violence against political dissenters in Africa, ‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’ accurately depicts the trail left in the wake of the February 18th raid.

Fela sings how, invariably, the police and army leave behind them "sorrow, tears and blood" while the backing vocalists respond, "dem regular trademark".
As said by Fela, this LP was dedicated "to the memory of those who were beaten, raped, tortured or injured" during the Kalakuta attack.

Decca, which was Fela’s record company, scared by reprisals from the government, refused to release ‘Sorrow, Tears & Blood’. A decision that led Fela into setting up Kalakuta Records and making this album the label’s debut release.

First Fela record to be released in Brazil and Goma Gringa's debut release!

Strictly limited to 500 copies with beautiful silkscreened cover and high-quality insert!

An unmissable classic re-issued in his extended original form for the first time!