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7"EP - A Espetacular Charanga do França


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Between researches of new musical paths and influences of Brazilian music, Jazz and Afro-Brazilian traditions, the saxophonist and composer Thiago França presents 'A Espetacular Charanga do França'.

Originated in January 2013, in the pre-carnival period, the band, led by Thiago França, proposes a reinterpretation of traditional Brazilian brass bands (called Charangas), placing them within a wider interpretation where meets, among others rhythms, Cumbia, Maxixe, Jazz, Samba and Ragga.

"1942, the 11th of October, day of a decisive match in the Carioca’s football championship between Flamengo and Fluminense teams. That day, against all expectations, the surprise did not came from the field but from the grandstands when, Jaime Rodrigues de Carvalho, along with 15 musician friends, made resonate the trombone, the two clarinets and the dozen of percussion instruments they brought with them! The first Brazilian Charanga was born!"

A Espetacular Charanga do França brings together seven horns and percussions musicians; Thiago França on alto sax, compositions and arrangements, Anderson Quevedo (baritone sax), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet), Didi Machado (trombone), Samba Sam (surdo - large bass drum), Tony Gordin (percussion, drums), Welington Pimpa Moreira (drums, percussion).

Entirely acoustic, the record - recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlos Lima in São Paulo studio YB - features 4 explosives tracks in 7” format that enrich the traditional character of the Charangas. A special attention was paid to every step of the recording (process) and of the production to preserve the acoustic tone and quality.

The cover, a visual interpretation of the record, is an illustration signed by Kiko Dinnuci. The printing is characterized by the use of artisanal LetterPress technique performed in the Estudio Carimbo.

Proudly, Goma Gringa Discos launches exclusively this 7” in a limited edition of 300 copies.

4 faixas explosivas misturando Cumbia, Maxixe, Jazz, Samba e Ragga

Capa especial que se desdobra para se tornar um cartaz. Assinada por Kiko Dinucci e impressa em LetterPress

Estritamente limitado a 300 cópias!