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7" - Quebrante


More than a band, Quebrante is a concept, an experience.

Formed in 2002 by the parisian musician Matthieu Hébrard and the Dj paulista Will Robson, the duo is the core of the band whose formation is in constant movement, made of various musical encounters, concretized in the studio during the recordings.

Quebrante’s creation process has the realization of a beat in hiphop line by Will, as it starting point. Beat in wich Matthieu comes to boost the bass by playing an unpretenciously contrabass, in a simple phrasing connected to Funk and Dub. Loops, keyboards, effects, scratches and other arrangements are added until consolidate a track that will be the basis for future collaborations and music interventions.

From there goes to life and to its encounters. Musician friends, singers, friends of friends ... the basis keeps playing for whoever wants to hear and the door keeps open for whom feels enough affinity to participate in the collective project.

Rehearsals, studio sessions, more encounters, more sessions, step by step, note by note, the creative ladder is raised, each one bringing a stone to the construction of a project increasingly richer. There aren’t closed directions, the guest musicians are free in their own interpretations since the goal is to open new musical perspectives.

Thus, at the beginning of each session, our duo has just one exciting question in mind: what will came out?

The result is a boiling mixture of old and new, of sounds and influences as diverse as the interventions of the guests.

It is in this result that lies Quebrante! When of a nucleus of two people get born a creative and musical collaboration made of six, seven or eight people that, besides playing a genuine music, forms a real band! Ephemeral band, yes, but a band!

This first single features 2 tracks with participation of Mzézung(bass and voice), Will Robson (programming, voice and scratches), Marcelo Cabral (guitar, keyboard, synths e programming), Thiago França (saxophone), Dani Nega (voice), Stefanie Roberta (voice), Sergio Rezende (drums), Daniel Bozzio (programming) and Rômulo Nardes (percussion).

The cover is signed by Julien Sappa (Regular Switch) and printed with artisanal letterpress technique performed at the Estudio Carimbo.

Proudly, Goma Gringa launches exclusively this record in a limited edition of 300 copies.

First single of a band in constant motion.

Special cover that unfolds to become a poster. Signed by Julien Sappa and printed in letterpress.

Strictly limited to 300 copies!