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7" - Orchestre Rail-Band de Bamako


Reissue of ultra rare 7" from cult Orchestre Rail Band with:
- ”Moko Diolo" on side A, a beautiful long trippy deep afro jazz with very funky rhythms sections, great garage sounding guitar and fantastic hypnotic voices!
- “Tama Diyara Mali Deun La" on B side is a massive funky afro track with killer sax solo. For sure a real crowd shaker with killer breaks.

Side A. MOKO DIOLO (Rail Band) - 5:48
Side B. TAMADIARA (Rail Band) - 4:04

Along with the Bembeya Jazz or Orchestra Baobab, the Rail Band of Bamako is one of the most prolific bands in all of West Africa. This legendary orchestra has launched, among others, the careers of Salif Keita, Mory Kanté and Djélimady Tounkara and has bequeathed in just fifteen years one of the most important work in Malian and West African music.

Encouraged by his superiors at the Ministry of Transport, the station master Aly Diallo, remarkable multi-instrumentalist is charged with developing a modern and eclectic band to animate the Buffet of the station.
Named the Orchestre Rail Band du Buffet Hôtel de la gare de Bamako, the orchestra is officially created in October 1969 under the leadership of conductor, saxophonist and trumpeter Tidiani Koné, an outstanding and unsung musician who was both a griot and a jazzman. Nicknamed the “Malian Miles Davis”, Tidiani Koné embodies by itself the wonderful modernity and adaptability of Malian music. His idea was to bring Malian music out of what he felt was the dead-end cycle of Afro-Cuban and European imitations. He also was the first to understand that Salif Keita’s voice was pure gold and did not miss the chance to recruit the young albino singer.

The Rail Band was established to « explore and propel the Mandingo repertoire in order to aim at the neo-classicism of the African chanson ». In combining Mandingo and Bambara folklore, Congolese rumba, and American Rhythm’n’Blues with French Pop and hints of Calypso, the orchestra’s sound became the soundtrack of a golden decade in Mali’s music from 1970 to the early 1980s and paved the way for numerous West African orchestras to follow.

▶ Ultra-rare in-demand 7inch reissued for the first time!

▶ Special edition limited to 300 copies!