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7" - Metá Metá w/ Tony Allen 'Alakorô' (2nd Edition)


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Dense and spiritual, the São Paulo’s trio Metá Metá ("three in one" in Yoruba), composed of Kiko Dinucci (guitar), Juçara Marcal (voice) and Thiago França (saxophone) gets a 2nd edition of their single 'Alakorô that features Maurício Bade (percussion) and the legendary Tony Allen, Nigerian drummer creator of Afro-Beat along with Fela Kuti.

Metá Metá’s music proposes a new and unique sound, influenced by the Afro-Brazilian music and fueled by its components’s musical references, from samba to free jazz, from Afro to Punk.

The Akorô, ('small crown' in Yoruba), is a small metal crown, used or by Ògún or by his wife Oyá.

Titletrack ‘Alakorô' - in Yoruba “owner of the small crown” - is a praise to Oyá, where rhythm and melody induce a trance, led sometimes by Juçara Marcal’s singing, sometimes by Thiago França’s saxophone.

The B side, 'Sao Paulo No Shakin’, offers a more urban reading of the encounter between saxophonist Thiago França, bassist Marcelo Cabral and producer Daniel Bozzio with Tony Allen where the repetitive and fluid rhythm is carried by the saxophone in a sinuous and hypnotic production.

“Rootsy and modern at the same time, Metá Metá are inventors for the new music scene in Brazil” Tony Allen

The cover, signed by Kiko Dinucci, is printed in duotone with Risograph - special technique between Silkscreen and Lithography - by São Paulo's Meli Melo Press. Of the 300 copies, 50 are in different colors, choose yours!
And with this 2nd edition, inside the cover comes the story of the Akorô told by Iya Sandra Medeiros Epegos.

Side A: Metá Metá + Tony Allen | Alakorô
Side B: Thiago França + Tony Allen | São Paulo No Shakin'

▶ Exclusive track from Brazilian band Metá Metá featuring Tony Allen, Fela Kuti’s drummer.

▶ Cover signed by Kiko Dinucci com printed using special graphic treatment.

▶ Strictly limited to 300 copies.