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2LP - Rodrigo Campos "Conversas Com Toshiro"


After São Mateus não é um lugar assim tão longe (2009) and Bahia Fantastica (2012), Rodrigo Campos returns with Conversas com Toshiro, a trip shaped like daydreaming in the imaginary Japan of the author, composer and musician.

And it is with great pleasure that we present to you the record in its vinyl release, a limited and numbered edition of 300 copies, double LP in a screen printed new cover model!

Rodrigo and the map of himself

São Mateus, Bahia, Japan, in Rodrigo Campos repertoire, geography plays a different role, as a sort of imaginary map that always gives the same place, with variations of layers, shapes and colors. Rodrigo takes us to a new land, displaced of time and space without resorting to documentary elements or geographical experience to build his work, he follows an abstract and subjective map that investigates unlived impressions and memories.

With this exercise to move away to get closer, Rodrigo begins to deconstruct his own notion of space. After reinventing for himself his own Bahia, the composer takes us on her new album, Conversas com Toshiro (2015), to a Japan that is not so far neither.

What is Rodrigo’s Japan? The Japan of the image. The cinematographic Japan to Western eyes.

By inventing again a personal geography, we convince ourselves that Rodrigo Campos is a nomad in the middle of São Paulo, the cosmopolitan city that can be every place or any. Rodrigo just inhabits his own body and maps the world from the human experiences of his characters.

Edited from Kiko Dinucci release for CONVERSAS COM TOSHIRO

We are releasing for the first time a double LP. With this came the necessity of a new cover pattern. Thus, has been created a gatefold pattern that, when opening, presents the two records in a single pocket.

The graphic production is probably the most whimsical we did so far; dyed paste-on paper of two different colors, recto/verso 2 colors screen printing and special "Die Cut" allowing a graphic game between the cover, the records cover and the background. Another signed graphic piece!

A1. Takeshi e Asayo - 3’50’”
A2. Wong Kar-Wai - 3’53”
A3. Katsumi - 4’24”
A4. Dois Sozinhos - 4’55”
A5. Funatsu - 3’37”

A1. Abraço de Ozu - 4’23”
A2. Chihiro - 3’05”
A3. Toshiro Reverso - 2’58”
A4. Mar do Japão - 3’53”
B1. Toshiro Vingança - 3’16”
B2. Paisagem na Neblina - 4’41’’
B3. Velho Amarelo - 4’16”
B4. Dono da Bateria - 2’13”

▶ Third record by rodrigo Campos now available on vinyl.

▶ Special silk screened edition limited to 300 copies! Double LP!

▶ Full LP oficial download HERE.