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GOMA GRINGA DISCOS is a Brazilian, São Paulo based, record label that aims to promote forgotten music from the past and contemporary brazilian recording artists.

To achieve this goal the two partners Frédéric Thiphagne and Matthieu Hebrard are on one side, producing their own releases - re-issues projects and contemporary brazilian bands releases - and, on the other side, representing various record labels from Europe by launching Brazilian editions of their releases. GOMA GRINGA DISCOS creates thereby a cultural and musical bridge between Brazil and the rest of the world.

GOMA GRINGA DISCOS’s musical spectrum is vast but could be defined as focused on the so-called Tropical rhythms. Afrobeat, funk, cumbia, ethio-jazz, baião, afro-brazilian, carimbó, ska and ghanaian highlife are some of the styles that will be part of the label’s catalogue.

“Perceive and describe the world through music. Understand and defend the culture in its most significant particularities that create diversity and human richness. Contemporary archeologist that dreams of discovering treasures.”
French researcher, photographer and graphic designer, Frederic Thiphagne spent the last 12 years between Paris, Lyon and London, carrying out projects involving music and images. The blog ‘LesMainsNoires.blogspot’ is one of his projects with multiple facets, a place dedicated to the forgotten gems of global music, contemporary record labels and people who devote their lives to find, preserve and share music and culture.
Now living in São Paulo since 2 years, he creates the record label GOMA GRINGA DISCOS, an old dream and one more step in his professional and personal process of cultural sharing.

French musician living in Brazil for 12 years. He studied cello and acoustic bass in Paris, where he participated in several projects of Jazz, Afro, Hip-Hop and Reggae music. He organised and produced festivals and shows in France.
Matthieu Hebrard, when arriving in Brazil in 2001 as a teacher, initiates musical partnerships that resulted in sounds researches and in the creation of a repertoire based on afro-brazilian music with the group Curima.
He also is the producer, bassist and vocalist of the band ‘Quebrante’ along with his partner dj Will Robson. Among the collaborators of the band, there are Marcelo Cabral, DvBz, Thiago França, Dani Nega, Stefanie Roberta, Romulo Nardes and Kiko Dinucci.
He teamed up with Frederic Thiphagne to create GOMA GRINGA DISCOS, a way to accomplish and sustain cultural and musical projects.